Prepping for Spring Promotions

Spring is a busy time for promotions. Here are some tips to make sure your store is ready to handle the increase in orders:

  1. Take a look at your Control Panel Reports

When it comes to business goals and promotions, each dealer is different. To prepare for a busy spring season, we recommend that you review your previous spring's performance in your Control Panel reports to get an idea of what to expect–or identify areas for improvement. 

  1. Stock up on supplies 

It’s time to make sure you have the shipping supplies you need to ensure you’re fulfilling orders in a timely manner during the spring's promotions. Take stock of boxes, packaging materials, and tape. Plus, we recommend scheduling regular pickups from USPS to get orders to customers quickly. 

  1. Consider seasonal staffing 

Prepare your staff for increased order volume. Your online store may receive more orders than usual during promotions. You’ll avoid potential order delays that could cost you repeat business down the road by making sure that you have adequate staff on-site to help fulfill orders .

Reach out to our Client Services team at for more information on how you can prep for spring  sales.