Introduction to the VW Online Store and Online Catalog

The VW Online Store and Online Catalog is an inclusive website designed with both customers and dealers in mind. Customers will be able to browse the full accessories catalog available from Volkswagen, as well as transact business with dealers who have included an e-commerce option.

Dealers have the ability to browse the online accessories catalog, update merchandise pricing, set labor rates, build accessories quotes, and create "Magic Pockets" for use on sales floors. 

If you’re interested in knowing more about our services and packages, read through the brief booklet below for more details about the VW Online Store and Catalog program:

Additionally, watch the videos below for a brief overview of SimplePart functionality in regards to the VW Online Store and Online Catalog:

Currently, all Volkswagen dealerships have access to the online accessories catalog through VW Online Catalog. Unfortunately, at this time, no e-commerce options are available for Canadian dealers. 

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