How To Create a PDF Brochure

PDF Brochures give you an easy way to showcase your newest models at a dealership, as well as some of the best-selling products. Easily create a customized brochure featuring any models or products you wish to draw attention to in your showroom.

After choosing a product on the B2B platform, you can access the Price Tags field by clicking on the List & Print Options button in the list widget.

On this screen there are four tabs, click on the first one (titled PDF Brochure).  It should look like this:

On this screen, you can add the customer's name, expiration date, and fitment, as well as a description and dollar amount of any additional items. The pricing source used in the brochure can be set to MSRP,  Installed, or Our Price.

Once details have been set, click the Print button to create brochures for your sales personnel or to use on the showroom floor.