Accessories Configurator

Labor Rates & Custom Labor Units

Labor Rates and Custom Labor Units you set for your Parts Site will reflect on the Configurator.

Adjusting the Labor Rate:

Navigate to Settings, then Setup in the SimplePart Control Panel. Labor Rates can be set or adjusted under the Details section: 

Adjusting the Labor Units:

Navigate to your selected product in the VW Online Accessories Catalog. Select the Dealer tab. Adjust the Labor Units as required:

Custom Configurator Pricing Option

Who can set custom pricing on the Configurator?

  • Only dealers who have an eCommerce enabled Site with SimplePart are able to set custom Accessory pricing for their Configurator.

  • For those who do not have a Parts Site with SimplePart, their Configurator pricing will be set to MSRP.

I have a Site with SimplePart, what custom pricing can I set for my Configurator?

  • Dealers are able to set custom Accessory pricing for their Configurator.

  • Labor Rate and Labor Time are set within the SimplePart Control Panel, and are transmitted to Insignia once per week (Monday).

If you would like to set up custom Configurator pricing, email or call SimplePart’s Support team to request the additional functionality. Once done, you’ll be able to customize your Accessory pricing on your Configurator easily using the Control Panel dashboard.

SimplePart Support: / (888)-843-0425

If you would like to explore options to have a SimplePart Parts site, call SimplePart’s Sales team for a demo, and to discuss all package options, your goals for eCommerce and best fit.

SimplePart Sales: / (404) 620-9764

Custom Configurator Pricing Option - Setup

Setting pricing for your Parts Site

Make sure this is your parts site URL e.g.

Setting pricing for your Configurator

Make sure this is your Configurator endpoint. e.g.

To have this second Configurator endpoint, you will need to contact SimplePart’s Support team to get this set up.