Q: Are there different levels of access to the Volkswagen Virtual Counter? Who has the ability to enter pricing and labor rates for my dealership?

A: The Volkswagen Virtual Counter is accessible through the vwhub.com using single-sign-on technology. Your level of access is dependent on your role in the dealership. The Parts Department has access to all pricing information and Parts Managers have the ability input custom pricing for their dealership. The Sales, F&I, and Service Departments only have access to retail and internal pricing (if used). These departments will not see dealer net pricing. Several items requiring additional rework, such as paint, may not appear on positions with Showroom-only access.

Q: What is on the Welcome Screen?

A: The Welcome Screen displays the latest accessory highlights, news from Volkswagen of America, Inc. such as the most recent news and announcements, new and updated items, and featured items such as closeouts or hot-selling accessories. You will find this screen helpful in keeping you up-to-date with Volkswagen Accessories. You can return to this screen anytime by clicking on the VW Logo.

Q. How do I create a custom list or quote of accessories for a customer or for a showroom display vehicle?

A: See “Building Quotes”  or “Magic Pockets”.

Q: How do I find an accessory?

A: There are several ways to locate a specific accessory.  See “Navigating the Virtual Counter” for a step-by-step approach using icons and drop downs. If you know the part number, you can simply enter it into the search field.

You are also able to also search by partial part number or description. The catalog will default to the selected model. If no model is selected, it will search all applications.

Q: Where can I see circulars or additional product information on products?

A: You can see additional item information under the “Attachment” tab when viewing each item individually.

Q: How do I quote an installed price if the installation requires multiple parts?

A: Many retrofit components can require multiple related components. Look to see if a complete kit part number exists (NPN part numbers) or add each component into “Add to cart”. The system will tabulate the installation price for each accessory.

Q: Can pricing for individual accessories be modified?

A: At launch, labor times for individual products will be fixed, but will be adjustable in the coming weeks. Parts Managers have the ability to override individual product pricing settings. Changes made to individual accessories remain constant until modified by a parts manager.

Q: How do I enter custom pricing (internal & retail) for my store?

A: See “How to Set Pricing”. This functionality is typically restricted to Parts Managers or General Managers.

Q: Can I see what items can be residualized by Volkswagen Credit?

A: The Volkswagen Virtual Counter flags items that can be residualized. These appear under the “Dealer” tab as “Financing Eligible”. Remember Volkswagen Credit’s Residualization policies will possibly change 2 to 3 times per year.

Q: Why do I see a "Parts" catalog logo in my catalog banner selection?

A: Only dealers who have opted for a consumer eCommerce site offering both Parts & Accessories will have the option to see a Parts Catalog.  This is the same Parts Catalog your consumer faces and is not ETKA data you may be used to. Therefore, it is not integrated with Volkswagen of America, Inc. Parts Cataloging systems.  The Parts Catalog data is provided and licensed to SimplePart and its dealer re-sellers by MOTOR Information Systems.

Q: Why aren't installation instructions posted on this catalog?

A: The Volkswagen Virtual Counter is one of your primary resources for accessory information. The Volkswagen Virtual Counter gives you easy access to find, view and price the full portfolio of accessories offered by Volkswagen of America, Inc. The ETKA Accessories Catalog will still be your primary resource for installation instructions for globally offered accessories. For product-related help such as quick tips or advice, you can use Service Net >> Technician Resources >> Accessories or  email the Volkswagen Accessories Mailbox at vwaccessories@vw.com.

Q: Does the VW Virtual Counter replace ETKA?

A: The parts catalog of the VW Virtual Counter is powered by information provided by MOTOR Information Systems, and should not be used as a replacement for ETKA. Your dealership's source for hard parts lookup information should remain ETKA..

Q: What are the Volkswagen Virtual Counter minimum systems requirements, to ensure my dealership takes full advantage of the catalog’s functionality and performs at efficient speeds?

A: The following is the minimum PC Requirement Guideline:

Processor 1 gigahertz(GHz) Pentium or better 32 bit (x86) or 64 bit (x64) processor

Ram 2GB or greater

OS Windows XP SP3 or greater

Display 1024x768 or better

Internet Connection Broadband Connection

Q: What internet browsers are the Volkswagen Virtual Counter optimized for?

A: Internet Explorer 8.0 to current, FireFox 3.0 to current, Chrome 4.0 to current, Safari 4.0 to current. It is also optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.